Artwork Specs
Prepare your files in a proper way to get best results.

This is a basic guide to assist you with your electronic file preparation and submission.
If you have a specific problem not covered in this guide, or other questions, please contact us. Improperly prepared files can cause delays in manufacturing and we will contact you if additional charges need to be applied.

We also offer a file set up service, contact us for a quote.

**Please understand that you will be responsible for checking that all files supplied are correct. This enables us to efficiently print and deliver your jobs without any unexpected delays. LocalPrint cannot accept responsibility for errors resulting from incorrectly set up files.

  • FILE TYPE: .pdf ONLY
  • FONTS: Convert to outlines/embedded
  • IMAGES: PhotoShop / Illustrator resolution should be 350dpi
    (Zip or No Compression for best results)
  • CROP MARKS: Please include
  • ICC PROFILES: Please DO NOT embed
  • RICH BLACK: 40% Cyan, 40% Magenta, 40% Yellow, 100% Black ***Please try to avoid using Rich Black on small / thin / or reversed out type and Key lines
  • BLEED: Minumum 2mm *Please see templates specs per product for more details.
  • SAFE ZONE: Copy should be a minumum of 3mm inset fromt the border to avoid it being cut off.
  • SPOT UV: We require only one PDF per version. Select the elements that are to be in Spot UV, copy them and paste them in place on a separate layer. Select these elements and create a new colour swatch called ‘SPOT UV’, set the ‘Colour Type’ to ‘Spot Color’ and set the CMYK breakdown to 100% Black. Now set these Spot UV elements to overprint.